With road safety being a critical issue for the road freight industry, the RFA has decided to embark on a road safety initiative titled “Safety for All”. The RFA takes road safety very seriously and is committed to actively promoting safety in all areas – not just for trucking. We all share the roads and it is imperative that all users understand the importance of safe behavior on our roads.


rsicrossingHowever it is not easy to teach adults and to correct their bad habits. Research indicates that it is better to teach young children so that they can influence their parents on the road. More importantly we can also teach children the rules of the road so they can adhere to good road safety and be safe on our roads.

The RFA has decided to introduce an action hero character, “Captain Safety” to visit schools in underprivileged communities to teach basic road safety rules of crossing a street. The programme will be aimed at Grade R and Grade1 learners who will be taught the rules of the road on a road safety mat as both drivers and pedestrians.rsi-matt

To ensure reinforcement of road safety concepts the learners will receive continuous training as part of their life skills orientation classes.

cshugThe programme will be BBBEE accredited and can be used by members as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Targets. Members are encouraged to please contribute to our initiative so they be can part of the RFA’s “Safety for All” programme and can fulfill their CSR obligations. Members will receive full acknowledgement and exposure through the marketing of the programme.


“Safety for All” was launched at the RFA Convention 8-10 June 2014 at the Wild Coast Sun and we are pleased to announced that the following members have pledged their support:

  • captainsafetyUnited Bulk
  • Crossroads Distribution
  • Wardens Cartage
  • Cape Express Removals
  • Payloads
  • Auto Commodities
  • Hellberg Transport Management
  • Bakers Transport
  • Unitrans
  • Yellow Jersey Logistics

We would like to urge members to please join us in this programme and participate in our road safety initiative so that it can be rolled out nationally .

Please click on the link below to view the RFA road safety dvd: 


Free Training CDs for RFA Members

With a number of high-profile fatal accidents in recent months involving freight vehicles, trucks are once again being viewed in a dismal and negative light.  As a result the crucial and major contribution that our industry makes continues to go by unnoticed.

The Road Freight Association is committed to actively promoting safety and to making a constructive contribution to the safety and wellness of drivers. As part of our road safety initiative, “Road Safety for All”, the RFA will in conjunction with NSEWA be giving away 3 500 safety and training CDs to members.

These CDs are the results of NSEWA – an initiative of North Star Alliance and Fleet Forum designed to close the gap between health services and road safety through specially designed driver safety training and health-related programmes aimed at the road freight industry. This comprehensive package reinforces learning and is made possible through support from the UPS Foundation and the Road Safety Fund in conjunction with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

This Programme helps truck drivers take control of their own health and safety with free access to healthcare and acquire better road safety knowledge and skills through an entertaining, self-paced programme. The package addresses serious issues: health and safety on the roads, whilst being fun and informative. At the end of each module, drivers can take a voluntary self-assessment. If successful, drivers will receive a certificate.

The huge benefit of this programme is that drivers do the learning “on the road”.  The programme is highly versatile as is not classroom bound – drivers can listen to the CDs whilst they are driving and can progress at their own pace. This programme allows drivers to learn – whilst still being productive!

The 5 CDs that the RFA is making available to members are:


  • Health on the Road “HOT R”
  • Road Safety
  • Defensive driving modules one, two and three

To assess a driver’s progress, both pre- and post-assessments can be done. The final assessments take place in self-standing kiosks at North Star Wellness Centres. Alternatively, North Star Alliance can arrange to have an assessment kiosk on-site for RFA members.  The kiosks’ interactive touch-screen methodology counteracts problems with computer literacy and availability, thus eliminating those barriers to training participation.

By encouraging drivers to participate in the Programme, we hope to develop a healthier workforce which will reduce absenteeism, road incidents and associated costs and in addition will create skilled and knowledgeable employees, and boost business growth for a healthier and brighter South Africa. 

RFA NSEWA Initiative Report

Driver Feedback Summary.pdf

Evaluation Report RFA Project - Management Rep.pdf

Manager Feedback Summary.pdf

RFA NSEWA Initiative Report FNL 111114.pdf

RFA Road Safety Drivers Feedback Form.pdf

Kind Regards 

The Road Freight Association