BBBEE Update

In 2015, the NBC established a Sec 21 company structured as a Public Benefit Organisation with Directors consisting of equal numbers from business (2) and Labour (2), Council Administration (1) and 3 independent representatives.

The purpose of this structure was to ensure the highest degree of corporate governance. This body is called the NBCRFLI TRUCKING WELLNESS PROJECT (RF).

The mission of this Board is to raise funds in order to sustain the Trucking Wellness clinics and to also sustain the Wellness Fund Health Plan, which insures our employees for basic health needs. Any donations to this NPC Project company are subject to the benefits of SARS Section 18 Donations Tax Directives.

Besides the tax directives, this structure is also a recipient for BBBEE enterprise development (ED) funds, the current BBBEE codes target for ED is 3% of NPAT.

A certificate of confirmation to the donating company will be issued in line with BBBEE requirements. This company is also a SED (socio economic development) recipient, in line with the BBBEE codes, the current target for BBBEE SED is 1% of NPAT.

Companies that are interested in exploring corporate social investment aimed at the health and wellbeing of employees within our Industry, are encouraged to engage with Tony d’Almeida, to explore opportunities relating to BBBEE points which will be accrued through donations to this project . Members can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.